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Pennine Barrier 100

Tell me I can’t do something and I’ll do it twice and take pictures.

Rewind to February 2018 when I stood caked in mud at the finish line of the 100 km Tarawera Ultra-marathon in New Zealand. Someone walks up to me and asks me where I am from. ‘The UK’ I say half delirious. ‘I can see that’ perks up the guy called ‘James’ with the Yorkshire accent pointing to the Union Jack flag … Full Report

Derby Half Marathon -2018

I wouldn’t normally do this sort of thing; a road race, a road race, a road race you hear me say? A half marathon? A half marathon? A half marathon you hear me say? A flat half marathon? A flat half marathon? A flat half marathon you say? I wouldn’t normally do this sort of thing.

The Run For All series had taken over the ‘Ramathon’ – Derby’s largest half marathon, and they’d also changed … Full Report

St Begas Ultra – (SBU35) 2018

Inspired by two running friends’ photos on Facebook (Jen Scotney and Martin Hookway) who ran across the Lakes taking in the ‘Coast to Coast’ route as part of Jen’s epic ‘Northern Transverse’ reccie for the race (Second Female I may add) I wanted to play in those hills too.

To run or not to run? What a stupid question.

It just so happened that I found the exact race that allowed me to play in … Full Report

Devon Coast to Coast

Two weeks before the Easter break I found myself signing up for the Devon Coast to Coast because a good running friend had also signed up and I only required a bit of begging to get 1 day off work for the price of 5 being the long Easter bank holiday weekend. Billed as 117 miles either all in one or over the 4 days of Easter, we were to opt for the easy version … Full Report

YVCC – 2018

Whilst at the other side of the world I got tagged in a post asking if I could make up the team for the Yorkshire VETs Cross Country in West Yorkshire. I just about still exist despite being at the other side of the world and not having been down at the club for kiwi years.  People had decided I like mud anyway so was a prime victim to be tagged for the event, else … Full Report

Tarawera Ultramarathon – 102km

Three weeks into my holiday of a lifetime I found myself standing on the start line of a 102km Ultramarathon in New Zealand.

New Zealand I have always loved you ever since some 16 years ago I set foot on your land. So I was back for the 4th time. Having spent the last few weeks exploring Wellington, Queenstown, Fiordland and Rotorua. It had so far been an amazingly breathtaking adventure. First baking in New … Full Report

The Big Easy 12km Trail Race

Here I was only 5 days into my New Zealand holiday baking in the country’s hottest summer on record and signing up for a little 12km trail race in Wanaka just 2 days before the event. Why? Why not….

We have nothing to loose and a world to see

Well I had eyed up the ‘Big Easy’ Ultra before signing up for the ‘Tarawera Ultra‘ – The Tarawera Ultra ticked more boxes for Full Report

Boxing day Furnace Inn Fun Run -2017

Here we are again at the Boxing day Furnace Inn 5km.

The route had changed slightly due to building works but that didn’t matter. What mattered is that we were here, the two of us, here again, a year on, a whole 12 months later, my best friend still living, yet living with stage 4 Lung Cancer, still running, still smiling, and still living. This girl is just pure grit and its the best Christmas … Full Report

Derby 10

A week after the White Rose Ultra I was to help my lovely best friend Becky to complete the Derby 10. 10 miles around Derby. You may ask why, for I like trails but I also like my best friend and there is a purpose to this, an amazing purpose a bright light of hope.

We don’t know how strong we are until being strong is the only choice we have

As Becky battles on … Full Report

White Rose Ultra 60

It was never in the plan because I don’t have plans because of my sporadic half self employed lifestyle and fear of failure or putting all my eggs in one basket I don’t know but planning is hard for me  and I like my sporadicness. Yet I still have goals buzzing in my head. I’d always wanted to go that little bit longer than 50 (or 53) miles but just never feel ready for anything … Full Report

South Yorkshire Cross Country League 2 – Winterhill

Winterhill at Kimberworth- my nemesis, the only race I have ever dropped out of – the big fat DNF in 2014. It was messing with my head. Excuse one bagged. I was tired, despite the clocks changing the evening before. I had spent 11 hours at the pool working the day before, excuse two bagged. Two days before that I fell on my knee on a 25 mile run and banged the bone, it hurt. … Full Report

Calver Trail Race

After doing the Limestone Way Ultra at the beginning of October with the Dark and White event guys I thought I would enter the Calver 10 mile trail race at the last minute (literally), knowing how organised the Limestone Way had been it could be fun, right?. Again, close to home, and cheap promising tea and cake at the end what was there not to like? It also covered pathways that I hadn’t been on … Full Report