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  • Dearne Valley Quadrathlon 11th June Friday evening 2 days before the Great North Swim, I received a text to say the event had been cancelled due to high winds and bad weather. Luckily I was ... Read more
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  • London Triathlon 07th August London TriathlonIt was the biggest triathlon in the world – 13 000 people descended on London’s Excel near the Docklands for a swim, bike and run on the 7th and 8th ... Read more
  • Rother Valley Triathlon 11th June I was on holiday in Turkey in May 2010 and someone approached me and asked me if I was training for a Triathlon. I said no, but I do a ... Read more
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  • The Big Swim 10th September I seem to have swum more swimming than ran more running this year which is all good as I wouldn’t have thought I’d have got myself in the open water ... Read more
  • Bala End to End 24th June This swimming lark is quite fun. Exactly a year ago I swam 28 miles in 23 hours at Hathersage Open air pool. Part of me wanted to see if I ... Read more
  • Ullswater Swim 04th June So I’ve gone off running, well running has gone off me, its not been working for me. Maybe I lost my mojo for it a couple of years ago, somewhere ... Read more
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