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Summer Spine Challenge Route Run

The idea was to run part of the Pennine Way from Edale to Hawes – inspired by the Spine Challenge Runners of 2015. 108 miles over 3 days. The breakdown had been planned like this: Day one; Edale to Mankinholes around 36-40 miles, day two; Mankinholes to Malham around 40 miles, day three; Malham to Hawes around 28 miles. The 3 days are first illustrated in pictures below, then the breakdown of each day with … Full Report

South Downs Midnight Marathon

Cue a trip to London for a course that got cancelled a few days before. But I’ve booked everything I squealed. I can’t afford to loose money. Hell I am going anyway and anyway I had booked a run on the South Downs on the Saturday evening as I was too tight to pay for London accommodation. Well that’s my excuse anyway. Instead I bought a £10 Tesco Basic light weight tent that would fit … Full Report

Wheatley 10

I was looking for one step up to my last event the Longshaw 10 so decided to keep the 10 in the picture and do one called the Wheatley 10 out near Retford. A silly choice for me given that I like hills and Retford area is flat as a pancake. But it was advertised as a scenic trail run so sounded quite nice for a change and low key too.

So off I went … Full Report

Longshaw 10 – June 2016

It was the weekend of the Round Sheffield Run so most of Sheffield were running around Sheffield, that’s why its called the Round Sheffield Run. Me – not me, and a handful of others who decided to do the Longshaw 10 instead. Yet I only decided at 8am that morning as I got up and felt like I couldn’t be bothered / motivated to do a long run. Am I turning into a shortie?

So … Full Report

Hathersage 24 hour Solstice Swim

Time for a bit of a swim gloat.

Solstice Weekend I had planned to be at the start line of the 96 mile West Highland Way Race, but due to many factors including a back injury and disfunctional legs as well as crew & logistics, I pulled out, along with other summer running plans. I sulked like an injured runner sulks. I sulked some more, I beat myself up about my running and sulked even … Full Report

Hoka Highland Fling 2016

This is my post to wallow in my own self pity – I had a bad race. The end.

But not quite. I need to look at why and write it all down, no such thing as the end.

Having bad races is part of being a runner. They make you tough, they motivate you, and they keep you humble. A good runner can bounce back and not give up on their goal, even though

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Dark Skies Run

In my own stupidity I had signed up for the ‘Dark Skies Run’ 26.5 miles around the largest artificial lake in England – Kielder. No it was not flat, (nearly 2000ft of climb), no it was not just in daylight, no it was not a marathon, it was a 26.5 mile run around an undulating course partly in the dark. Hell why not, it was something different.

It is often the darkest skies that we

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Oldham Way Ultra – 2016

2015 I turned up for the Oldham Way Ultra full of hel-flu and made the rather wise decision to not even start the race but to head back home at 7am in the morning and sulk for a whole 12 months. 12 months later I entered only 2 days before the event deliberating if I was fit enough / stupid enough to run 40 miles the week after a double at Grindleford Gallop and Edale … Full Report

Edale Skyline – 2016

Who’s bright idea was it to have x2 long distance (21 mile) fell races with a cumulative climb of over 6500ft the day after each other in the stunning Peak District? Really? Who’s bright idea was it to enter both? Really?

I’d entered Grindleford Gallop before the announcement of the Edale Skyline Race which was to fall on the same weekend the day after. I had unfinished business with the Skyline Race – the race … Full Report

Grindleford Gallop 2016

[Today] I’m gonna have myself a real good time
I feel alive and the world it’s turning inside out Yeah!
I’m floating around in ecstasy
So don’t stop me now don’t stop me
‘Cause I’m having a good time having a good time

I’m a shooting star leaping through the skies
Like a tiger defying the laws of gravity
I’m a racing car passing by like Lady Godiva
I’m gonna go go go
There’s no

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Longshaw 10km – January 2016

The Longshaw 10km is a two lap trail race set in the National Trust grounds of Longshaw in the heart of the Peak District. People had spoken very highly of the event, (it’s not a race its a free 10km timed trail run) so I wanted to check it out to see what all the fuss was about.

Rather than just race the 10km (now that would just be silly wouldn’t it?) I decided to … Full Report

Hunshelf Amble – 2016

Hunshelf Amble this year was in reverse of last year. Off I went to my first race of the year and my first official race since breaking my leg last August. I just turned up with fellow club member Kate for her first offiical ‘fell/trail’ race and ran.

The race started on the disused railway rather than at the finish as in the previous year. Due to the amount of water the route had been … Full Report