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      • Carsington 7+ 14th May My first race back – Carsington 7. It was never meant to be a ‘race’ but a means to go out ‘fastish’ but to keep it ‘controlled’. With my lovely ... Read more
      • Great Lakeland 3 Day 01st May I entered the GL3D on recommendation from a few people, a mountain marathon type event over three days with camping and transfer of bags each day, so in essence 3 ... Read more
      • Wilmot Wander 29th January Cue 2016 I registered to run this event, a week before, I face planted with one broken rib or two. A few days later lovely Best Friend Becky decided she ... Read more
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            • Dukeries 30 26th May Just an average weekend, just a little 30 miler today followed by the Sheffield Half Marathon the day after. Just an average weekend then? Just average. I am just so ... Read more
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