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    • Sheffield Half 08th May Still deciding which pair of trainers to wear at 6am this morning, left ones or right ones? Pronators or Neutral, New or Old? I know which pair of pants I ... Read more
    • Edinburgh Half Marathon 10th April Why do bagpipers run when they play? They’re trying to get away from the noise. And that was the sound of the weekend as I exited Waverley Railway Station on Friday afternoon ... Read more
    • South Yorkshire Half 20th March What a strange and spontaneous day today. How to go from a 5k to a 21k race in the space of 15 minutes. So I was all geared up for a ... Read more
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    • Pennine Barrier 100 23rd June Rewind to February 2018 when I stood caked in mud at the finish line of the 100 km Tarawera Ultra-marathon in New Zealand. Someone walks up to me and asks ... Read more
    • Derby Half Marathon 03rd June I wouldn’t normally do this sort of thing; a road race, a road race, a road race you hear me say? A half marathon? A half marathon? A half marathon ... Read more
    • St Begas Ultra – (SBU35) 27th May Inspired by two running friends’ photos on Facebook (Jen Scotney and Martin Hookway) who ran across the Lakes taking in the ‘Coast to Coast’ route as part of Jen’s epic ... Read more
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    • Castle ParkRun #16 23rd November There is no castle in castle parkrun believe it or not, so that means we don’t run around a castle three times, instead we run around a park three times, up ... Read more
    • Hillsborough Parkrun #40 09th November Round and round and round and round we go, round and round and round we go. Well only three times but today I decided to delve back into Parkrun really ... Read more
    • Darley Abbey Parkrun #18 24th August Park RunIt was that time again, the park run time. I don’t do many park runs because I am too lazy to like my chest on fire and my breathing go ... Read more
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    • Wombwell 5 20th February When I stepped out the house this morning on a cold and foggy February and walked up to the car I did wonder what I was doing travelling to Barnsley ... Read more
    • Hangover Race 01st January What would you do on New Years Day? Would you be suffering from a hangover from the previous evening or would you join a hundred runners in the middle of ... Read more
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      • Limestone Way Ultra 01st October The Limestone Way Ultra is only in its second year but it ticked many boxes for me and some extra boxes thrown in for good measure. Takes place on a Sunday ... Read more
      • Manvers Dusk till Dawn 28th July And now for something completly different, well for me anyway. I don’t normally like flat, or running around in circles, but what’s not to like when there is an event ... Read more
      • Wilmot Wander 29th January Cue 2016 I registered to run this event, a week before, I face planted with one broken rib or two. A few days later lovely Best Friend Becky decided she ... Read more
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