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      • The Big Easy 13km 27th January Here I was only 5 days into my New Zealand holiday baking in the country’s hottest summer on record and signing up for a little 12km trail race in Wanaka ... Read more
      • Furnace Inn Fun Run 26th December Here we are again at the Boxing day Furnace Inn 5km. The route had changed slightly due to building works but that didn’t matter. What mattered is that we were here, ... Read more
      • Derby 10 12th November A week after the White Rose Ultra I was to help my lovely best friend Becky to complete the Derby 10. 10 miles around Derby. You may ask why, for ... Read more
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      • Concord Parkrun #56 07th April An eggstremely cold Easter weekend, still suffering from snow-DOM legs (a.k.a having climbed Snowdon in the snow some 2 days earlier) me, myself, my best friend and the Easter Bunny ... Read more
      • Concord Parkrun #45 21st January Quit the excuses, there are no excuses run just run and appreciate the course, the weather and the surroundings and enjoy enjoy enjoy. This is the lesson I have learned ... Read more
      • Conkers Parkrun #38 24th December Twas the morning before Christmas, when all through the country, Not a creature was stirring, apart from me as I slip away at 6.30am for a leisurely drive down to ... Read more
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          • Hoka Highland Fling 25th April Nearly a year ago 12 kids from Sheffield Running Club took forth to run the¬†West Highland Way over 5 days, I was in paradise. Fast forward a year and one ... Read more
          • Calderdale Hike Ultra 11th April Twitter is like Marmite you either love it or hate it. I find it informative and useful for my little hobby. If it wasn’t for twitter I wouldn’t have been ... Read more
          • Millennium Way 01st March A month or so ago I stuck myself on the waiting list for the ‘Millenium Way’ Ultra as I didn’t think I would get a place in the hilly local ... Read more
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