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      • White Rose Ultra 60 04th November It was never in the plan because I don’t have plans because of my sporadic half self employed lifestyle and fear of failure or putting all my eggs in one ... Read more
      • SYCC #2 – Winterhill 29th October Winterhill at Kimberworth- my nemesis, the only race I have ever dropped out of – the big fat DNF in 2014. It was messing with my head. Excuse one bagged. ... Read more
      • Calver Trail Race 22nd October After doing the Limestone Way Ultra at the beginning of October with the Dark and White event guys I thought I would enter the Calver 10 mile trail race at ... Read more
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      • Race for Life Sheffield 20th June Race for LifeSheffield was dressed in pink today as 6000 runners descended on Don Valley International Stadium for another Race for Life in support for Breast Cancer. This was the third Race for ... Read more
      • Hallam Parkrun #39 23rd April Today I did my very first Park Run in Sheffield, 38 weeks after the first one started many 38 weeks ago. A gorgeous sunny Saturday morning, my friend arrived at ... Read more
      • Race for Life Derby 09th May Great run in Darley Abbey Park. My first race in 5 months due to injury. I didn’t expect a great time but got a PB. It felt a very comfortable ... Read more
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          • Hardmoors 30 01st January It’s New Years Day 2015, how many people are in bed supporting hangovers, doing the 5 mile Hangover race or their local Parkrun? How many people are in a little ... Read more
          • Shortest Day Run 20th December It’s winter solstice – the shortest day weekend, so this means its time for a run, a big run. Founded through Twitter, the ‘shortest day run’ a spin off from ... Read more
          • Druids Challenge 09th November Druids Ultramarathon - The Ridgeway 84 miles in 3 daysThe Druids Challenge organised by the XNRG team is a three day Ultra marathon that follows the ancient ‘Ridgeway National Trail’. The trail runs from Ivinghoe Beacon in Buckinghamshire, through ... Read more
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