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      • SYCC #1 – Longley 15th October It seemed odd that the first cross country was only 15 minutes from home in a random park in the middle of Sheffield, Longley Park. The only other time I ... Read more
      • Golden Gates Gallop 07th October Golden Gates Gallop is a 5 mile multi terrain event in the gorgeous surroundings of Elvaston Castle.  We arrived in plenty of time with the kids in tow who would ... Read more
      • Limestone Way Ultra 01st October The Limestone Way Ultra is only in its second year but it ticked many boxes for me and some extra boxes thrown in for good measure. Takes place on a Sunday ... Read more
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      • Big Fun Run Sheffield 19th August Having completed the Big Fun Run in Derby a month or so before, I knew what to expect, mainly for the novice runner and jogger hence the “fun” element of ... Read more
      • Big Fun Run Derby 19th August The big fun run in Darley Abbey Park was just for fun with only around 200 runners joggers walkers and dogs. Just a bit of fun. It was ... Read more
      • Race for Life Sheffield 14th June Race for LifeThis was the second Race for life at Sheffield Don Valley Stadium I had taken part in so I knew the route, and knew what to expect. Two of ... Read more
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          • Round Rotherham 50 18th October Round Rotherham 50 2014Shall I? Shall I not? I shall, I shall not. I just don’t know, I may, let’s see how I feel. I have broken a finger nail, I can’t. Oh ... Read more
          • Ring O’ Fire 31st August A friend said to me a year or so ago he would eat his hat if I ever attempted Ring O’ Fire Ultra-marathon – a 135 mile 3 day event ... Read more
          • Long Tour of Bradwell 09th August Photo Courtesy and with permission of Nick Ham (Flickr Feed) I had the Long Tour of Bradwell (LTOB) in the back of my mind as an event I wanted to have ... Read more
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