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  • Whitworth Trail Marathon 19th August The Whitworth Trail Marathon appealed to me because it was a trail, a marathon or something like that and in a place that I hadn’t run before. It was underwritten ... Read more
  • Dovedale Dipper 05th August After chatting to the lovely Caroline at the St Begas Ultra back in May she’d mentioned an event called the ‘Dovedale Dipper’ in Dovedale, Derbyshire. I quite fancied it, being a ... Read more
  • Pennine Barrier 100 23rd June Rewind to February 2018 when I stood caked in mud at the finish line of the 100 km Tarawera Ultra-marathon in New Zealand. Someone walks up to me and asks ... Read more
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  • Burton 10 10th May Burton on Trent was brewing a range of pbs for a 10 mile race involving a few 100 local runners and me. Starting off at a leisure centre, taking in ... Read more
  • Heanor Pudding Run 23rd November Heanor Christmas Pudding RunI really love the Heanor Christmas Pudding Run, it always attracts such a variety of runners on a somewhat fast and varied course. It’s not road, it’s not trail, it’s ... Read more
  • Chesterfield Half Marathon 14th September Two weeks previous to the Chesterfield Half I ran the Ring O’ Fire Ultra-marathon, I promised myself I wouldn’t ‘race’ in September and let my body recover, even though I ... Read more
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  • Crich Momument Race 18th July Crich memorial race is a great way to spend a really hot sunny Saturday afternoon in the middle of Derbyshire. I ran the race last year and bagged first female in ... Read more
  • Edale Skyline 28th March Edale Skyline has been an event I had always wanted to do but its one where you have to demonstrate that you have experience.  At least 2 AL races, in ... Read more
  • Long Tour of Bradwell 09th August Photo Courtesy and with permission of Nick Ham (Flickr Feed) I had the Long Tour of Bradwell (LTOB) in the back of my mind as an event I wanted to have ... Read more
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Running Holidays

  • Tracks & Trails Holiday 23rd September Chamonix Trail Running HolidaySo you need a holiday but you don’t know where to go. Sitting on a beach all day for 7 days is worse than watching paint dry and going Skegness ... Read more
  • Edale Training Weekend 28th July Edale Camping WeekendThis wasn’t a race but worthy of writing about nonetheless because it involves running lots over some of the most amazing scenery in the UK. Just in the little ... Read more
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Relay Races

  • Sheffield Way Relay 25th September The Sheffield Way Relay is a 5 leg stage with each leg being around 10 miles equalling around 50 miles around Sheffield. The race has been going since 1997 run ... Read more
  • British Masters CC Relays 25th October My first ever outing in my Spikes Who let the spikes out? Who let the spikes out? Saturday morning jumped out of bed and put on my best spikes… (Beginning lyrics to ... Read more
  • Sheffield Way Relay 21st September   A year ago I had signed up to complete my first 50 miler ‘Round Sheffield Way’ a ‘relay’ organised by Steel City Striders that has been going since 1997 with ... Read more
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  • Sheffield Castle Parkrun #42 18th May Its Parkrun time. I am not a massive lover of Parkrun, some people live and breath them, there are even Parkrun tourists who go round all the Parkruns in the ... Read more
  • Darley Abbey ParkRun #42 01st February I have renamed this run the Darley Abbey Cross Country Run for it was not your average Parkrun. I was down in Derby for my best friends’ birthday so what ... Read more
  • Castle ParkRun #16 23rd November There is no castle in castle parkrun believe it or not, so that means we don’t run around a castle three times, instead we run around a park three times, up ... Read more
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Lapped Races

  • Thunder Run 26th July Thunder Run 2013Inspired by fellow club member Laura who made this event last year told us how delicious it was, I quite fancied a piece of the cake too being a greedy ... Read more
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Mountain Marathons

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    Cross Country

    • SYCC #1 – Longley 15th October It seemed odd that the first cross country was only 15 minutes from home in a random park in the middle of Sheffield, Longley Park. The only other time I ... Read more
    • Cutlers Relays 22nd October That time of year again, the Northern Cross Country Relays; ‘Cutlers Relays’ at Graves Park in Sheffield. Last time I ran these was 4 years ago, the day before I ... Read more
    • National CC 21st February Saturday morning – 8.30am, ‘Mike’s Minibus’ takes a handful of Sheffield Running Club members alongside a couple of straggles from the other side of the Pennines who were relegated to ... Read more
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