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  • Sheffield Way Relay 24th September It’s back, it’s that time of year, its the Sheffield Way Relay. This was my first ‘race’ back in a year supporting club colours. I had done a couple of ... Read more
  • Carsington 7+ 14th May My first race back – Carsington 7. It was never meant to be a ‘race’ but a means to go out ‘fastish’ but to keep it ‘controlled’. With my lovely ... Read more
  • Wilmot Wander 29th January Cue 2016 I registered to run this event, a week before, I face planted with one broken rib or two. A few days later lovely Best Friend Becky decided she ... Read more
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  • Eyam Half Marathon 19th May Eyam Half MarathonNormal people do not sit in freezing cold water at 5.55am on a Sunday morning whilst updating facebook with that exact knowledge. Normal people do not run their first ... Read more
  • Vienna-LCC Adventslauf 09th December ViennaMy first ever race on foreign ground took place in a Prater Park. A Prater Park I hear you say? Is that a park where Prats go? Well yes you ... Read more
  • Percy Pud 02nd December I awoke this morning to a beautiful icy cold frosty winters’ morning for the 20th Anniversary Percy Pud. It certainty beat the previous years’ floods, snow and torrential rain, this ... Read more
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      • Hairy Helmet Relays 15th June Normal people would not spend their Friday night in a random park in Derby with other ‘abnormal’ people in the pouring rain running 2 mile ‘legs’ for a hairy helmet. ... Read more
      • High Peak Relays 13th November A foggy damp November Sunday descended upon the picturesque Derbyshire town of Matlock, Cromford Mill to be exact, bathing in Matlock bath. No baths for the 16 or so of ... Read more
      • Nottingham Relays 12th March Nottingham Relays1. (n.) relay race – a race between teams of contestants, each contestant being relieved by a teammate after running part of the distance. My first club relays at the University ... Read more
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      • Hallam Parkrun #39 23rd April Today I did my very first Park Run in Sheffield, 38 weeks after the first one started many 38 weeks ago. A gorgeous sunny Saturday morning, my friend arrived at ... Read more
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          Cross Country

          • South Yorkshire CC 16th March The old fogies cross country races at Wentworth Castle; I didn’t even know what it was apart from there would be more grey hairs than any other colour hopping about ... Read more
          • Cutlers Relays 06th October The Northern Cross Country Cutlers Relay Championships takes place once a year on a sunny Saturday crisp October morning. Runners from up north travel down to the border of “oopp ... Read more
          • National CC 24th February My first ever ‘National’ cross country event in London. Cross Country in London I hear you say? London, you are going to London to run a Cross Country when you ... Read more
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