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  • SYCC 2018 #4 – Graves Park 09th December It’s cross country time – well only the one for me because my excuse has been ultra running having not been able to make any of the other South Yorkshire ... Read more
  • Hardwolds 80 23rd November The Hardwolds 80 captured my attention many a months ago. I cant explain why some events grab me by the feet and lure me towards them, inviting me to part ... Read more
  • From Dusk till Dawn 50 28th October This was an event I’d always wanted to have a go at – being local and in the dark it had a different appeal and the Beyond Marathon guys always ... Read more
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  • Furnace Inn Fun Run 26th December Here we are again at the Boxing day Furnace Inn 5km. The route had changed slightly due to building works but that didn’t matter. What mattered is that we were here, ... Read more
  • Derby 10 12th November A week after the White Rose Ultra I was to help my lovely best friend Becky to complete the Derby 10. 10 miles around Derby. You may ask why, for ... Read more
  • White Rose Ultra 60 04th November It was never in the plan because I don’t have plans because of my sporadic half self employed lifestyle and fear of failure or putting all my eggs in one ... Read more
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  • Furnace Inn Fun Run December 26, 2016 A boxing day ritual, the 3 mile race around Darley Abbey Park with my lovely best friend Becky. This is a short review, to say I am praying we are both ... Read more
  • Cutlers Relays October 22, 2016 That time of year again, the Northern Cross Country Relays; ‘Cutlers Relays’ at Graves Park in Sheffield. Last time I ran these was 4 years ago, the day before I ... Read more
  • Sheffield Way Relay September 25, 2016 The Sheffield Way Relay is a 5 leg stage with each leg being around 10 miles equalling around 50 miles around Sheffield. The race has been going since 1997 run ... Read more
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  • Round Latrigg 19th August A trip to the lakes was not supposed to end with a broken leg. Crack. So take a picturesque camp-site nestled a couple of miles away from Keswick in the Lake ... Read more
  • Belper Rugby Rover 16th August Belper Rugby Rover 30km (18.4 miles) was nearly not set to take place but after negotiations the race directors once again put on a faultless¬†event. I really wanted to race this ... Read more
  • Half Tour of Bradwell 08th August Destination Bradwell, a little old lead mining village nestled in the heart of the Peak District, supporting the ‘Long and Half Tour of Bradwell’ either a very tough 33 mile ... Read more
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  • Furnace Inn Fun Run 26th December What a wonderful way to spend the day after Christmas – The Furnace Inn Fun Run. So its 1 degree as we make our way down to Darley Abbey Park, the ... Read more
  • Shortest Day Run 20th December It’s winter solstice – the shortest day weekend, so this means its time for a run, a big run. Founded through Twitter, the ‘shortest day run’ a spin off from ... Read more
  • SYCC #4 – Winter Hill 14th December   It’s taken me a while to reflect on the last of the South Yorkshire Cross Country race for it all went rather wrong, I was waiting for this moment, and ... Read more
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  • Bolsover 10km 15th December Bolsover 10kmSo at the very last minute, that was actually 59 seconds not a minute because every second counts when you are running of course, a flat course, whatever the cause ... Read more
  • Percy Pud 01st December Once again the Percy Pud had arrived. I gave my PB to Mr Percy Pud x2 years ago and since then never got anywhere near it. Last year I got ... Read more
  • Silkstone Shuffle #4 30th November This was the last of the 4 shuffles at Silkstone. Although I had registered for all four throughout the year I only had managed to make one other – the ... Read more
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  • Vienna-LCC Adventslauf 09th December ViennaMy first ever race on foreign ground took place in a Prater Park. A Prater Park I hear you say? Is that a park where Prats go? Well yes you ... Read more
  • Percy Pud 02nd December I awoke this morning to a beautiful icy cold frosty winters’ morning for the 20th Anniversary Percy Pud. It certainty beat the previous years’ floods, snow and torrential rain, this ... Read more
  • Spooky Sprint 27th October Spooky SprintWhat a scary evening for many different reasons at The Spooky 10km at Nottingham’s National Water Centre. It was all supposed to be fun but spooky where 300 or so ... Read more
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  • SYCC #4 – Doncaster 11th December This was my first cross country league of the season due to being injured previously, clashing of other races and just not having the confidence to run. However I was ... Read more
  • Percy Pud 04th December It’s Christmassssssss….. well kind of as its percy pud time again – my 4th year in a row. Why do I love this race so much because I do and ... Read more
  • Heanor Pudding Run 20th November It’s the battle of the pudding runs as for the second year running I take part in the Heanor 10km pudding run, superseded by the Percy Pud 10km in a ... Read more
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