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  • Derby Half Marathon 03rd June I wouldn’t normally do this sort of thing; a road race, a road race, a road race you hear me say? A half marathon? A half marathon? A half marathon ... Read more
  • St Begas Ultra – (SBU35) 27th May Inspired by two running friends’ photos on Facebook (Jen Scotney and Martin Hookway) who ran across the Lakes taking in the ‘Coast to Coast’ route as part of Jen’s epic ... Read more
  • Devon Coast to Coast 30th March Two weeks before the Easter break I found myself signing up for the Devon Coast to Coast because a good running friend had also signed up and I only required ... Read more
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  • The Big Swim 10th September I seem to have swum more swimming than ran more running this year which is all good as I wouldn’t have thought I’d have got myself in the open water ... Read more
  • Manvers Dusk till Dawn 28th July And now for something completly different, well for me anyway. I don’t normally like flat, or running around in circles, but what’s not to like when there is an event ... Read more
  • Bala End to End 24th June This swimming lark is quite fun. Exactly a year ago I swam 28 miles in 23 hours at Hathersage Open air pool. Part of me wanted to see if I ... Read more
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  • Dark Skies Run March 26, 2016 In my own stupidity I had signed up for the ‘Dark Skies Run’ 26.5 miles around the largest artificial lake in England – Kielder. No it was not flat, (nearly ... Read more
  • Oldham Way Ultra March 20, 2016 2015 I turned up for the Oldham Way Ultra full of hel-flu and made the rather wise decision to not even start the race but to head back home at ... Read more
  • Edale Skyline March 13, 2016 Who’s bright idea was it to have x2 long distance (21 mile) fell races with a cumulative climb of over 6500ft the day after each other in the stunning Peak ... Read more
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  • Hoka Highland Fling 25th April Nearly a year ago 12 kids from Sheffield Running Club took forth to run the West Highland Way over 5 days, I was in paradise. Fast forward a year and one ... Read more
  • Calderdale Hike Ultra 11th April Twitter is like Marmite you either love it or hate it. I find it informative and useful for my little hobby. If it wasn’t for twitter I wouldn’t have been ... Read more
  • Edale Skyline 28th March Edale Skyline has been an event I had always wanted to do but its one where you have to demonstrate that you have experience.  At least 2 AL races, in ... Read more
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  • Sheffield 101010 19th October Sheffield 101010The Quirky little 101010 was born in 101010, but renaming it to 191014 just doesn’t have the same ring to it. So 101010 it is, a cute inexpensive 10km trail ... Read more
  • Round Rotherham 50 18th October Round Rotherham 50 2014Shall I? Shall I not? I shall, I shall not. I just don’t know, I may, let’s see how I feel. I have broken a finger nail, I can’t. Oh ... Read more
  • SYCC #1 – Spinkhill 12th October SpinkhillStamp! Crackle! Crunch! Crispy orange-brown leaves blowing about in the strong autumunal gusts of wind, scarfs and hats and gloves wrapped around big body warmers, long johns and muddy shoes. ... Read more
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  • Darley Abbey Parkrun #18 24th August Park RunIt was that time again, the park run time. I don’t do many park runs because I am too lazy to like my chest on fire and my breathing go ... Read more
  • Thunder Run 26th July Thunder Run 2013Inspired by fellow club member Laura who made this event last year told us how delicious it was, I quite fancied a piece of the cake too being a greedy ... Read more
  • Man V Horse 08th July This event is ever so slightly addictive, I would seriously recommend it to anyone whether you like hills, horses and off road running or not. Don’t be afraid to get ... Read more
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  • Double or Quit 01st September What better way to spend the evening of the 1st September 2012 running a 10 mile trail race – double or quit. The name says it all, you can double ... Read more
  • Belper Rugby Rover 19th August Belper Rugby Rover – what is it? where is it? what sport does it entail? Well reading the title you would think it would be in Belper, it would be ... Read more
  • Dulwich Parkrun #17 11th August A trip to London for a Park Run? Nope they are not that good down there, no way! It was just an excuse to see one of the last events ... Read more
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  • Race for Life Sheffield 20th June Race for LifeSheffield was dressed in pink today as 6000 runners descended on Don Valley International Stadium for another Race for Life in support for Breast Cancer. This was the third Race for ... Read more
  • Rother Valley Triathlon 11th June I was on holiday in Turkey in May 2010 and someone approached me and asked me if I was training for a Triathlon. I said no, but I do a ... Read more
  • SYRRS #4 – Worsborough 11th May The fourth and final South Yorkshire road race series took place at Worsborough Mill just outside Barnsley on the 11 May 2011. A lovely run on a very sunny evening. I’ve ... Read more
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