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    • Great Lakeland 3 Day 01st May I entered the GL3D on recommendation from a few people, a mountain marathon type event over three days with camping and transfer of bags each day, so in essence 3 ... Read more
    • Wilmot Wander 29th January Cue 2016 I registered to run this event, a week before, I face planted with one broken rib or two. A few days later lovely Best Friend Becky decided she ... Read more
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    • Furnace Inn Fun Run December 2, 2015 A tradition at the Furnace¬†Inn to host this 5km run around Darley Abbey and a snippet at ¬£2 a go too. The route is flat, flatter than Parkrun and popular ... Read more
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    • Conkers Parkrun #206 14th February If you haven’t heard of Parkrun then you must be living in the ice ages. With over a million zillion free ‘timed 5km runs’ around the world Parkrun has become ... Read more
    • Hardmoors 30 01st January It’s New Years Day 2015, how many people are in bed supporting hangovers, doing the 5 mile Hangover race or their local Parkrun? How many people are in a little ... Read more
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    • Chesterfield Half Marathon 14th September Two weeks previous to the Chesterfield Half I ran the Ring O’ Fire Ultra-marathon, I promised myself I wouldn’t ‘race’ in September and let my body recover, even though I ... Read more
    • Ring O’ Fire 31st August A friend said to me a year or so ago he would eat his hat if I ever attempted Ring O’ Fire Ultra-marathon – a 135 mile 3 day event ... Read more
    • Long Tour of Bradwell 09th August Photo Courtesy and with permission of Nick Ham (Flickr Feed) I had the Long Tour of Bradwell (LTOB) in the back of my mind as an event I wanted to have ... Read more
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    • Hairy Helmet Relays 14th June Hairy Helmet RelaysThe Hairy Helmet relays was great fun in 2012 despite the rain so I was back this year for more of the same thing, rain? Teams of 4 running ... Read more
    • Eyam Half Marathon 19th May Eyam Half MarathonNormal people do not sit in freezing cold water at 5.55am on a Sunday morning whilst updating facebook with that exact knowledge. Normal people do not run their first ... Read more
    • White Peak Marathon 18th May I Have run a marathon. Okay, so it’s been done before. But not by me – Cliff Temple So its Saturday and its time for my first ever 26.2 ... Read more
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    • Hairy Helmet Relays 15th June Normal people would not spend their Friday night in a random park in Derby with other ‘abnormal’ people in the pouring rain running 2 mile ‘legs’ for a hairy helmet. ... Read more
    • Man V Horse 09th June Take a tent, some proper British summertime weather in a screw top bottle, some homemade cake and a few mad runners from Sheffield and plonk them in mid Wales; Llanwrtyd ... Read more
    • Sheffield Half Marathon 27th May I was up at 5.30am this morning and sat in an ice bath by 5.40am. All in the name of running. I can not explain why I was doing this ... Read more
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    • Hallam Parkrun #39 23rd April Today I did my very first Park Run in Sheffield, 38 weeks after the first one started many 38 weeks ago. A gorgeous sunny Saturday morning, my friend arrived at ... Read more
    • SYRRS #2 – Dam Flask 13th April I will be dam if I do and dam if I don’t, Damm it, I do, I run another race only 3 days after my half marathon plus 1/4. ... Read more
    • Edinburgh Half Marathon 10th April Why do bagpipers run when they play? They’re trying to get away from the noise. And that was the sound of the weekend as I exited Waverley Railway Station on Friday afternoon ... Read more
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