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          • Chesterfield Spire 10 06th July Chesterfield Spire 10This race had always been held at the end of August and always clashed with other events, so when it came up that it was the first Sunday in July ... Read more
          • Nomad 50 28th June Nomad Ultramarathon9 month ago I failed to make the start line of ‘Round Sheffield’ – a 50 mile relay (and that year the first Sheffield Ultra) due to injury 2 weeks ... Read more
          • Dam Flask Relays 24th June This was my nemesis, after having an awesomely terrible run x2 years ago I avoided it last year but this year has been the year of conquering my fears, so ... Read more
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          • Tiger Toger 01st April Tiger TodgerTonight I am going to give the weather an award, a perfect sunny evening gleaming over Dore, Sheffield and the Peaks of the Peak District. So what better way to ... Read more
          • South Yorkshire CC 16th March The old fogies cross country races at Wentworth Castle; I didn’t even know what it was apart from there would be more grey hairs than any other colour hopping about ... Read more
          • Yorkshire CC 05th January Yorkshire home of Light Water Valley, so Sit thissen dahn an’ tell me abaht it, ‘ere goes. I got picked up by a big white mini bus, full of enthusiastic Sheffield ... Read more
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          • Wiggle 10km 05th May Wig Wag wig wag your tail for the Wiggle 10km Cross Country at Catton Park in Tamworth, a 10km cross country and running with dogs (not cats despite it being ... Read more
          • Derby Midweek Time Trials 18th April Derby Mid Week RacesIt’s mid-week which means its Wednesday which means I am stuck on a train going to some random office with work admist gazing out of dirty rain infested windows at ... Read more
          • Graves Park Parkrun #1 14th April So down to the animal farm we went, me and my best friend now ‘Mrs Crosley’ to visit the animals and say moo to the highland cows, and of course ... Read more
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          • Nottingham Relays 12th March Nottingham Relays1. (n.) relay race – a race between teams of contestants, each contestant being relieved by a teammate after running part of the distance. My first club relays at the University ... Read more
          • Norton 9 06th March Norton 9 – no its not an anti virus conference or a new virus running through the Yorkshire countryside, but close, its something that’s running, its a run, a ... Read more
          • Wombwell 5 20th February When I stepped out the house this morning on a cold and foggy February and walked up to the car I did wonder what I was doing travelling to Barnsley ... Read more
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