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          • Ramathon Half Marathon 08th June Ramathon Half MarathonThe Ramathon was back after 18 years, Derby’s half marathon. I wasn’t even down to do this race as it was road and I was in the midst of holidayness. ... Read more
          • Sheffield Castle Parkrun #42 18th May Its Parkrun time. I am not a massive lover of Parkrun, some people live and breath them, there are even Parkrun tourists who go round all the Parkruns in the ... Read more
          • West Highland Way Holiday 12th May West Highland WayWest Highland Way – 96 miles over 5 days in other words Scotland’s Great Trails-Slighe na G├áidhealtachd an Iar. So when telling people I was off on holiday to run 96 ... Read more
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            • Concord Parkrun #56 07th April An eggstremely cold Easter weekend, still suffering from snow-DOM legs (a.k.a having climbed Snowdon in the snow some 2 days earlier) me, myself, my best friend and the Easter Bunny ... Read more
            • Betws-y-coed Half 01st April Run WalesThis was no April Fools – well it couldn’t be anyway as this particular race started at midday, however you would have been a fool to participate in it and ... Read more
            • National CC 24th February My first ever ‘National’ cross country event in London. Cross Country in London I hear you say? London, you are going to London to run a Cross Country when you ... Read more
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            • Bolsover Castle 23rd January I had not prepared my mind at all, mind over race, race over mind, but that was fine I had no expectations for this race it was just a race ... Read more
            • Yorkshire CC 09th January My second ever Cross Country with Sheffield RC, this time slightly bigger than 7 days previous in Graves Park Sheffield. This wasn’t the World Champs or anything but the ... Read more
            • Sheffield Open CC 02nd January Finally a practical use for Graves Park – the Sheffield Open Cross Country races organised by my very own Sheffield Running Club. I’d never done XC before and enquired about ... Read more
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